About us

The draconicum website was founded in 2003.

Several game nights were preceded by role-playing, board and card games deep into the night. One of the card games was Lord of the Rings at the time. The supply of much-needed cards was quickly discussed and the idea of selling surplus cards over the Internet was born.
For a while, this happened via eBay, but at some point the project of its own website was realized.

Today, the systems offered in the shop are no longer on the open market, so draconium currently sees itself more as an antiquarian card marcet that wants to offer the remaining players the opportunity to get the old cards.

The shop is a one man show and is operated next to the "regular" work. Therefore it can happen that orders can unfortunately not be shipped promptly, as I am allowed to be on business trips from time to time and of course also during the holiday season no one is there who processes orders.

If you have any special requests or suggestions, please feel free to contact us.