11- Shadows

Shadows (November 3, 2004) - The release of the new "basic set" brought the most significant overhaul of the game, which should be viewed negatively by many players.
Existing faction-based shadow cultures of [Dunland] [Isengard], [Moria], [Raiders] and [Sauron] were replaced by more general [Orcs], [Uruk-Hai] and [Evil Men], leaving only [Ringwraith]. and [Gollum] unchanged and makes the majority of the old maps incompatible with the new cultures. Companions other than the ring bearer now also had resistance, which was affected by both Free People and Shadow Maps. Most importantly, instead of a numbered site path based on a single movie, the nine sites from all three movies can now be played in any order and continuously replaced with Free People and Shadow cards. While this allowed for new game strategies, many felt that the core aspect of the game no longer made sense in terms of story.